Are You Total Beginners Hoping To Transform Your Wedding Dance From Cringeworthy To Confident?

If you're feeling lost or stressed out about your wedding dance, and you're looking for a SMARTER, EASIER and more FUN way to learn how to dance, this training is for you.  

The SMARTER Method

Learn a smarter dance method than traditional, memorization-based choreography. It's flexible, fun and stress free!

The SECRET Ingredient

Memorization, counting beats, and endless hours of practice are instantly eliminated when you master this one ingredient.

Stop Wasting Time

Stop wasting your time, money and energy on dance skills that are a dead end. Instead, learn how to get the most with the least!

Hi there, we're Joel & Clara. Awesome to meet you.

We help total beginner dancers go from being lost and worried about their wedding dance, to being confident, natural dancers who look forward to dancing at their wedding and beyond.

Learning to dance together can be fun and easy when you do it the SMART way!

Find out exactly how our proven 3-step system has helped 100's of couples from across the United States, Canada and Europe dance naturally and authentically without having to memorize stressful choreography.

Your wedding is approaching, sit down and watch this FREE training with your fiancé today!

"We realized that we did not want just a typical un-rehearsed slow dance as our first dance together as husband and wife. We started off knowing absolutely nothing about dance and at the end, we came out super excited and confident for our first dance together. "

Danielle (& Jeffery)

"Eric and I did not have any previous dancing experience, and so we weren’t sure what to expect when it came to dance lessons. The dancing lessons with you guys was hands down our favourite part of wedding planning!"

Tori (& Eric)

"Considering we had no dance experience and I’ve got no dance style - they pulled off a miracle. Doesn’t every bride want to feel like a princess and dream to have a magical first dance that includes a few twirls, and spins?"

Wesley (& Michaela)

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Wedding preparations can be tiresome and stressful. You will learn in this beginner masterclass how to make your wedding dance preparations one of the best, most fun parts of your wedding planning.


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