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  • No memorizing cookie cutter choreography
  • No robotic counting of music
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  • No memorizing cookie cutter choreography!
  • No robotic counting of music!
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We started knowing absolutely nothing about dance, and at the end we came out super excited and confident for our first dance together. Everything was explained step by step so it was easy to follow along

-Danielle (& Jeffrey)


When it came to our big day it couldn't have been better. We did the dance and were even able to improvise a bit, given some of the tricks Joel & Clara had showed us. Our guests were impressed. Some asked how we learned to dance like that...we were really happy.

-Marshall (& Jennica)


I've always dreamed of dancing at my wedding, but unfortunately my husband-to-be had two left feet and a semi-phobia of dancing. Fortunately we met Joel & Clara, who were magicians.

-Stella (& David)

Watch the


We never thought that this would have been possible. Now we're dancing together!  

-Anna & Michele - Italy


Does This Sound Familiar?


1. We don't know how to dance, but we want to look good at our wedding.
2. Our schedules are crazy and we can't schedule traditional dance lessons.
3. We've tried to do some dancing together (either at home or at the local dance studio), and are feeling more frustrated now than when we started. Help!



Does This Sound Familiar?


1. We have to do a first dance at our wedding in front of all our families and friends.
2. We've seen dances at weddings we've attended as well as online, and we can't see ourselves dancing that way.
3. We've tried to do some dancing together either at home or already at the local dance studio, and we're feeling more frustrated now than when we began. 



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We highly recommend Joel & Clara's Natural Dance Method.

We had briefly tried a local dance school a few years ago and not enjoyed the method. Then we got engaged and started scouring through YouTube for ideas for music and choreography for our wedding dance. We came across videos by Joel and Clara and not only did their advice make sense but they were so likeable that we quickly decided to reach out to them.

Joel & Clara turned out to be so friendly, helpful and enthusiastic that we would probably have learned to dance even if their method had been terrible. But the Natural Dance Method is easy to learn, and above all it gave us the confidence to dance freely without a fixed choreography in the knowledge that we could not really go wrong. The course is very gradual and every new technique explained in great detail. We sometimes found this unnecessary and felt impatient, but it came in useful when we struggled with something. Joel & Clara's personal feedback was always very quick and really helpful and personal. The only drawback of learning online is that Joel & Clara are so nice we would have liked to meet them in person.

Despite getting off to a very slow start we got through the whole program on time for our wedding, and the best testimonial to this course we can give is to say that not only did our opening dance go really well despite the additional pressure, but we simply enjoyed it. We will always be grateful to Joel & Clara for contributing to making our wedding a special and memorable day."
- Dom & Maud (Switzerland)

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